Slow Coffee

Along with Quechuan, one of the two dominant indigenous languages of the central Andes connecting Peru to Bolivia was Aymaran.   Approximately 2.2 million people speak this language, one of those is Evo Morales the current President of Bolivia.   The word Uchumachi in Amymaran means "a place that makes rain."   In the west,  a rain-maker is know primarily as a person-someone who produces excellent results, on the mountainous slopes of Uchumachi in Bolivia those excellent results emerge forth in this coffee.

chumachi is a region north of Caranavi.   Small family farms in the Uchumachi region grow primarily new growth Caturra and sell the ripe  coffee cherry from their farms to the Buenavista washing station.  Pedro Rodriquez and his son who own and operate the Buenavista washing station where the cherry is depulped, fermented, and dried so that the coffee bean at the core is ready to be sold.    

hat makes the Uchumachi region special for growing coffee.  For one, altitude.  The Uchumachi is grown at 800 meters above sea level, environmental conditions at higher altitudes allow coffee to ripen more slowly and efficiently leading to greater acidity and density.  This in turn adds a great deal of flavor and cellular integrity to the coffee for a speciality coffee roaster to work with.

The washing station at Buenavista is a model artistan producer. They're quite adept at managing the small details that allow for coffee's to shine. 

lowCoffee is shipped in 12 ounce bags.  

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